Узнал. Кстати, так я и думал.
Для тех, кто не видел.

Отличная фотография, которая меня развеселила :)

И FAQ по Cabin Pressure (англ.); я приведу два отрывка. Если какие-то части интервью непонятны, спрашивайте, я перескажу :)

Q) Is there going to be a fourth series of Cabin Pressure?

A) Yes, there is. Hooray!

Q) Will it have the same cast?

A) Almost definitely. That's certainly our intention, and everyone seems keen to come back. It's just a question of making the dates work. Speaking of which...

Q) When will it be?

A) We just don't know.

Q) What do you mean you don't know? Get on with writing it, you lazy writer!

A) Fair point, I am a lazy writer, but on this occasion that's not actually the problem. By stupidly casting incredibly talented and in-demand actors (plus me), we've accidentally made it really really hard to get everyone together in a room at the same time. But we're working on it, and the intention is still to get it at least recorded, and ideally broadcast, this year.


Q) I have an idea for / have written a sсript for / have written a story about the characters from Cabin Pressure. 1) Do you mind? 2) Will you read it?

A) 1) No, I don't mind at all, I'm very flattered! 2) I'm really sorry, but I'd better not. In the first place, even if I love it (and I'm sure I would love it, you're clearly really talented, I can tell that just from your questions) I wouldn't use it, because I'm egotistical enough to quite enjoy being the sole writer. And I can't read it just for fun, in case it overlaps with an idea of my own, and then you feel like I've ripped you off. Even if you, personally, wouldn't mind if I ripped you off, it's much easier if I'm able to say 'No, I've never read any Cabin Pressure fiction I didn't write', so we all know for certain any similarities are just coincidences. (Also, I gather lots of them involve characters getting it on with each other, and I'm not sure I'm ready to imagine that...)

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